Hey there


Hey there! I’m Rosanna. Drop me a line if you want to talk about sewing, politics or a good source for cheap, fresh milk in the centre of Brussels  rosanna1812[at]gmail.com


For mainly ethical reasons, I don’t buy any new clothes at all. I don’t buy anything – no underwear or coats or wooly hats or t shirts. I either make them, buy them second hand or steal  liberate them from my Mum. I cannot knit despite many attempts (sorry Gran and Auntie Gillian!) so anything wooly is usually from a charity shop. I’ve been sewing off and on since GCSE Textiles 10 years ago but have fully embraced ‘proper’ dressmaking in the last four-ish years.

Born and bred in Cornwall, UK now living in Brussels, Belgium via various places in Yorkshire, UK! I can give you in depth information on charity shops in all of these places…


Blogging my makes of anything and everything. Probably won’t put up underwear because, you know, no. But anything else vaguely interesting.

Zak’s Room?

Zak was a little boy who lived in our house in York before we moved in. There was a sign on the door saying Zak’s Room. When we moved in I used that room for sewing and crafting and we always called it Zak’s Room even though Zak and his sign had long gone. It was just easier than saying ‘the room at the top of the landing opposite the bedroom and next to the bathroom’.