back in the saddle

I had a baby! Exactly two months ago. You can tell because a) I haven’t sewn anything in ages b) I constantly smell of sour milk and c) well, there’s a baby in the house now

also d) My body looks like it recently had a baby. Which is absolutely fine, it did well and I think it’s pretty amazing what it went through to be honest. There’s enough post-baby body positivity ramblings on the internet so I won’t add mine but I will share what has been my first make since the littlest one came along. Workout gear…

In all fairness, it’s extremely lightweight workout gear. I’m not going crazy but I am quite keen to get somewhere close to where I was before getting pregnant.

Enter, this little ensemble:

I got the fabric on sale at Minerva Crafts a while back so I doubt it’s still available. It’s cool anyway and perfect for this kind of stuff.

The crop top is the Natalie pattern by Ohhh Lulu. Her Instagram feed is my favourite thing. The pattern is really simple and I suppose I could have drafted it myself by just cloning something I already own but time is incredibly short at the moment as you can imagine, plus I like to be able to support talented and creative people with my coin when I can. And I could. So I did.

I actually have three more cut out and am thinking of experimenting with fabric bands rather than the FOE. I think they will be useful as layering and to sleep in for breastfeeding when it starts to cool down. I made a size medium and the fit is spot on

The leggings are Shelly from Seamwork. They’re also pretty cool.

I actually bought the year’s subscription to Seamwork back in January when it was on sale as a present to myself because I knew I wouldn’t want to shell out for the monthly subscription when I wouldn’t be getting a proper salary on maternity leave. However, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the patterns that they’ve brought out in the last few months and haven’t downloaded any of them. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been my style. They have now updated things so you can use your Seamwork credits to purchase Colette patterns but if Seamwork isn’t my style, Colette is waaaaay off the charts. These days I hardly ever wear dresses (breastfeeding notwithstanding) let alone anything with a ‘vintage vibe’.

These leggings are nice though.


I don’t know if the fabric puts them in the realm of ‘whacky’ but they’ll do me. The pattern is a bit better than your average one or two piece leggings pattern because of the sporty gusset which is easier to see from the inside –

It takes a bit of getting used to when you’re wearing them and I could imagine it being very irritating if the fit was off. Speaking of fit, I think I made the size L.

The waistband is a lovely shape too:

So thanks Body, you did what we asked of you but it’s time to change again. Bye bye tummy. Hopefully.



One thought on “back in the saddle

  1. Melody Srygley says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You look great too, so not too many worries there!
    I especially like the top. Very comfy looking.
    Enjoy your little one!


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