stealing from my unborn daughter

Since I envisage spending quite a lot of time in my pyjamas and other ‘forgiving’ clothes for the next few weeks and months, I decided that I needed a dressing gown. I haven’t had one for a few years and well, I fancied one.

Enter Simplicity 1563 which I already had from making a dressing gown for my Dad a year or two ago. I remember it being pretty straight forward and since the pattern nauseatingly states that it’s for both “guys and gals”, this gal gave it a go. I also remembered that per Simplicity’s usual MO, it comes out massive. I cut the size XS and it accommodates by 9 month belly perfectly.

This post also serves as an apology for my unborn child – I was saving this fabric for her. I had had it for a long time but once we knew she would be arriving I thought I would keep it and make something – anything – for her out of it. But the need for a dressing gown came sooner than the baby so, there we are. Sorry Baby! I promise I’ll take you to the natural history museum and let you buy any dinosaur tat that you can find.

Clearly I didn’t have enough of the dinosaurs so made do (or, in fashion parlance – made a feature out of the design lines) with grey scrap fabric that I think was once a jersey sheet.

Another design decision – I forgot to put the pockets in. I’m relatively annoyed about this but not so much that I can be bothered unpicking the side seams to put them in.

The pattern includes a really generous hem allowance on the sleeves but I left them quite long because I find it cosier. And who doesn’t love that realisation that your sleeve has been sitting in your bowl of cereal..

If you’re in the market for a dressing gown then this pattern is worth a shot. But get it when it’s on sale. And make about a million sizes smaller than you think you need. And for goodness sake, ignore the t shirt pattern that’s included, trust me. And the pj bottoms are a bit odd too. And it takes longer than the two hours that it’s supposed to. On second thoughts, there are probably better patterns out there.
Go and make yourself a cup of tea, sit in the sunshine and research them on your laptop.


2 thoughts on “stealing from my unborn daughter

    • zaksroom says:

      Hey! It’s just a fairly standard jersey print that I got at a market in the UK. I was expecting it to fade quite a lot but the dinos are still looking pretty awesome!


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