Blast from the indie-sewing-world past

Happy 2018

Do you remember when Sewaholic was the company that was really hip and that everyone was talking about? That seems very 2013 now. Last I heard the company was sold and not much has happened since then. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with their patterns though, particularly for us pear shaped people, who the designs are especially drafted for.
The Belcarra was one of the first indie patterns I paid real money for and I’ve probably sewed it six or seven times over the years, to varying degrees of wearability. Happily I now have a new one to add to the collection.

It’s black I’m afraid so you’re going to have to believe me when I tell you about the details.

The fabric is actually jersey, although not very stretchy jersey so I just went with it. Having sewed the pattern a few times I knew that there was some leeway for my lackadaisical following of fabric requirements. Besides, I am the owner of a changing body and jersey is my friend.
The fabric itself came from the market here and has flocked leopard print all over it.

All the seams are just narrowly zig zagged and then overlocked. I know I could have only overlocked them but didn’t feel 100% confident in the stability of that.

Standard twin needle finish on the neckline – taking it definitely into ‘t-shirt’ rather than ‘blouse’ territory

I took it out for coffee today at a new to me place which immediately got in my good books because they were projecting an old Fred and Ginger film onto the wall:

I’m not actually praying in either of the above two photos. The first was taking a photo of the projected film and the second was because, you know, coffee.

The t-shirt fits perfectly over the bump and, as per usual, I refused to make any alterations to make it maternity friendly so I’m sure it won’t fit me until the end of my pregnancy but should be fine for afterwards. Swings n roundabouts.

So my words of wisdom are, don’t necessarily go chasing after the shiny new patterns that get released every week into the world, dig out your old favourites too!

Also, use your scraps for underwear.

(that’s a Seamwork Florence btw)


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