Off-White Christmas

Apropos of nothing – I’ve made a jumper
I’m not entirely convinced that I really needed one but the thought struck me so there we are.
The fabric is a really soft and fairly thick sort of fake cable knit from the market that was €4 per metre. I have an irritating amount left. What can you do with sweater-weight fabric apart from sweaters? I usually make underwear with scraps but this fabric would make some heavy duty pants..

For the ‘pattern’ I just lay down a jumper that I already owned (a brilliantly nonsensical one that has letters but no words at all, no matter how carefully strangers try to read my chest in the streets) and cut around it. I didn’t bother tracing it onto paper first, just went straight in with the scissors. YOLO.

Here’s the original:

I actually think that it’s a bit long to be practical so for my new version I took about 15cm off the bottom

I made a slightly curved hem which isn’t very well captured in this picture but here it is anyway:

Being bloody minded I made absolutely no changes to account for it being essentially maternity-wear currently which has resulted in a few pulls in certain places but I’d much rather have some slight fit issues than most people probably wouldn’t notice than an item of clothing that only lasts me a few more months

In a way I wish that I hadn’t cut the V neck so low as it means I have to be vaguely picky about what I wear underneath it which is kind of annoying. Ah well, too late now.

I really like the off white colour but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this time next year I write a post about how I had to dye it navy blue to cover up all the baby sick/poo/milk stains. Roll on 2018. I can’t wait.


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