Simplicity made me grumpy

Behold, I have become that which I did not want to: a different person because I’m growing someone inside of me.
I made up a pattern which I had in my stash even though I wasn’t particularly enamoured by it because I’m now getting to the point where I’m fairly limited by choice for smart-ish things to wear to work.
Simplicity 1469 which I’m pretty sure is now out of print

(image from this eBay sale)

The best thing about the dress is the smallest part of it –

This scrap of fabric. I bought the remnant for 50 cents at this shop in Aachen, Germany along with some other very good quality jersey scraps. It was just large enough for the ‘vest’ of the dress and some underwear.

The worst part of the dress is that I don’t really like it…

This is in no small part due to Simplicity’s well documented issue – what they would call a ‘generous amount of wearing ease’ and what the rest of the sewing world calls ‘ridiculous sizing that could be because of vanity or stupidity but wastes fabric and time’
No, I didn’t check the finished garment measurements and yes obviously that would have helped alleviate some issues but there we are. I made the dress up in a size M which seemed fairly reasonable.
After trying it on I looked like a 9 year old wearing a dress for a large sized adult –

Why are the sleeves so loose? Why is the bust so saggy? And why did I wait so long before trying it on?

By this point it was pretty much done. No small feat actually. It wasn’t tricky, just time consuming so I hung it up and ignored it for a few days before going back and taking it in along the side seams from the sleeve hems to below the waste. This took it down to more or less XS size which is ridiculous and means that anyone who is a ready to wear size 10 or less would be completely sized out of the pattern.

The fit is much better now and I have worn it to work. The grey jersey fabric is lovely and soft and does feel really nice. I can’t remember exactly where it came from I’m afraid.

The vest part is cleverly designed for feeding and similar to what you see in a lot of maternity/nursing RTW dresses

So it’s not all lost, I now have a smart-ish dress to wear which will fit for a while. To make it feel a bit more ‘me’ I wore it with ankle boots and this scarf but it’s just not going to be something I’ll be drawn to. More like something to drag on over my head when there’s someone important due in the office.

Learn your lesson from me, folks. Don’t believe Simplicty’s sizing and don’t sacrifice your personal style because you find yourself with free time, fabric and an untested pattern that happens to be lurking in your stash!


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