A t-shirt for light relief

“hey lady, why does your t-shirt have CAT CATT CATT CATTHAT CAT written on it?”

Well maybe you should ask the question why isn’t yours covered in what looks like graffiti written by a four year old.

This post is mainly about the fabric because, look it at.

The top is just yet another Plantain so nothing to say there that hasn’t already been said. Except the sleeves seem ever so slightly tight on this version even those it’s the same size as always (40)

I got the fabric in Abakhan in Manchester because it made me laugh. And in these troubled times, sometimes you need to be able to look down and see the words FAUX FUR printed for no earthly reason and feel yourself uplifted, just for a moment.

In hindsight I kind of wish I’d picked a pattern with a bit more of a modern fit, something a bit more boxy perhaps. Although it’s too late for this one, I’ve got plenty more fabric so I may do something different when this one’s useful life has ended in a few years. Isn’t it sad to already be foreseeing the demise of an item that has only just been created? Makes me dwell on the simple futility of life… I’ll just have to look down at my left arm.. ha, FAUX FUR. I feel better.

I feel like the top would be more at home in the graffiti covered urban streets of Brussels but since I’m having a week enjoying my in laws’ garden I thought I may as well make the most of the change of scenery for the blog photos.
Except the Welsh sunshine is in my eyes.

May you find a fabric that makes you happy and may it be cheap and plentiful and with at least 15% stretch. Because in a changing world, even fabric needs to be flexible.


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