City Gym city slim

I understand the fashionable thing these days if you’ve been losing weight is to talk about one’s
“weight loss journey” I won’t do that.
I’ll just say that I’ve been employing the very complicated strategy of moving more and eating less and am feeling much better about myself than I have for while.
In that spirit, I was scrolling around for shorts patterns and came across the free Purl Soho City Gym shorts and was sold by the idea.
Purl Soho
Purl Soho

I don’t have enough money (read: too cheap) to have a gym membership so every step down to the metro or ten second sprint as the bus is pulling away is counted towards my daily exercise goal. I live on the third floor without a lift and I definitely think carrying bags of cat litter back from Lidl is as good as ten bench presses.
So here are my City Gym shorts that will hopefully encourage me to be city slim.

As is usual, I did some things differently because no one’s gonna tell me what to do.
Firstly, instead of the bias binding I used stretch lace that I had kicking around. I love stretch lace. I use it underwear all the time and also in camisoles and knotted together in tangled messes in the sewing room…
The black and white print is a scrap of rayon and the main fabric is from Minerva Crafts. It reminds me about of the type of fabric that school uniforms are made from.

I left the side seams a bit open because I thought it would look cool but actually it just flips out too much. I’ll go back and stitch it down later. Maybe I should do as I’m told after all.

The pattern comes together really nicely, very quick and very pleasing. I suppose making the bias binding would double the time but definitely give lace a try if you have some. Or anything else. Ribbon maybe? Whatever. You do you.

Anyone else love seeing colour blocked seams match up? What a saddo.

I do like the weird combination here of the gothy black lace and the school uniform grey polyester.

Another thing I did differently – ignored the waistband. I just folded over the top and put the elastic through that. Dunno why, just felt like it. I think it looks fine like that.

It’s all about those overlapping side seams

I’ll leave you with my fantastic photography skillz:


2 thoughts on “City Gym city slim

  1. Lodi says:

    Your inner rebel made a good call on the waist elastic. I hate bunches of elastic around my middle.

    I’m wondering how your new wallet is working out. Do you find that you have enough room for the necessities? (I’m heading towards wallet replacement and want a smaller one.) Inquiring minds, and all that…

    About the gym membership. There’s no guarantee that you’ll make it to the gym, but chances are very good that you’ll climb the flights of stairs to your apartment. Keep up the good work!


    • zaksroom says:

      Yes! Bunched up elastic waistbands, who needs that in their life?!
      So I did get a ‘real wallet’ as a replacement (deets on the original wallet post) but I keep the one I made for ID, travel card etc. and I really like it. It is very small but I guess you could always enlarge the pattern when you print it without too much difficulty!


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