Balièn ice cream sorbet 

Firstly, ‘scuse the bad hair day pics

Secondly, here’s a top I made last summer. I wore it once or twice in August and then decided I didn’t like the fit. Somehow though it survived a Marie Kondo-ing of my wardrobe and a move across the English Channel but then sat crumpled in a ball at the back of one of my shelves throughout the winter as nothing more than an optimistic hope of summer. That day has finally arrived! I’ll tell you what, there were some tough January days when I didn’t think I’d ever see green trees again, let alone be warm enough to wear a strappy top in clashing pink and red that wouldn’t look out of place as a fancy new flavour of ice cream.

The fabric is a permanently crinkled chiffon type material and the white stripe at the bottom is part of the print. I bought it as a metre cut for £2 back at The Fent Shop in Skipton which I’ve waxed lyrical about before.

The pattern is the free Balièn top/dress by Pauline Alice.

I didn’t like the fit last year because it came out fairly big and the darts are a bit low but that might be to do with the straps being long. The darts seem quite angled compared to what I’m used to as well. This year I’ve decided to embrace it.

I didn’t make the shorts by the way, they’re from the British Heart Foundation charity shop if I remember correctly. I would love a pattern for something similar though. I have the Grainline Maritime but the fit is waaaaay off and I can’t quite face making all the adjustments.

I think the straps would be a bit more flattering if I sewed them a bit nearer the centre back. Again, shorter straps wouldn’t go amiss either.

The colours are a bit weird but I do like them. Kind of cheerful and fun without being too childish. I’m not one for wearing novelty fruit or flower prints so this is my own brand of sunshine-gear.

My new friend Pacco approves anyway. He is easily pleased though.

2 thoughts on “Balièn ice cream sorbet 

    • zaksroom says:

      hey thanks! No I haven’t blogged them, it was a long time ago and to be honest they were not even wearable for me! Waist gaping to the max and waaay too short for starters. I’ve seen plenty of other people making them successfully though so hopefully they they’ll work for you. Good luck!


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