A vintage Vogue pattern haul

Today I took myself off for a trip to my mothership.
Les Petits Riens have shops all over the place but my favourite is their big store which is laid out over a sprawling set of buildings full of trash, treasure and everything in between.
I went there for a delve into the clothes but actually came across this massive shelf of sewing patterns.

I can only imagine this is what miners in the 1800s must have felt like when they came across a seam of gold.

I’ve been to this shop quite a few times now and had never noticed this before. That added to the fact that 95% of the patterns were Vogue, from similar eras and pretty much the same size range makes me wonder whether this whole lot came from one benefactor.

By the way, don’t be jealous but all the patterns were priced at €2.50. I know.

There was a lot of big shoulders and dull skirts but some gems too. I bought five.

Here’s the first one I grabbed:

I like the dropped waist. I’ll probably take it in quite a lot though to be more flattering to my body type and cut the skirt much shorter.
The line drawing is promising anyway.

I’ve been after a V neck t shirt pattern for a while so grabbed this one. I won’t ruche up the side.

I like the interesting cuts on this one. I can imagine wearing all of these styles. View C in particular is intriguing.

I like the cut out sleeve design and half placket on these shirts. I’m very hopeful for this one

This one I picked up partly because it was interesting but mostly because these are the most hilarious line drawings I’ve ever seen

Wait for it….
Told you! Maybe that’s my mothership

Here’s one I didn’t buy – a 1980’s onesie pattern:

So that’s it! I’m pretty pleased.
I hope that there’s someone else in the world who is excited as I was when I came across these patterns when they discover Belgium’s greatest selection of second hand trouser presses


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