An ancient philosopher themed pink sweater

I spent my most recent bout of sewing thinking about ancient philosophers. This isn’t normal.
I made a Grainline Hemlock and was trying to remember which of those dudes died by drinking poison hemlock. It was that guy ↑, Socrates! My A Level Classics teacher would have been disappointed that I forgot. But I think he spent two years being slightly disappointed in me so fine.
Shall we get back to sewing?

It’s more of a Hemlock jumper than a Hemlock tee as I made it with a sweater knit that I picked up as a precut length of 2m for 10€ with exactly this sort of thing in mind. Something to throw on and the end of a summer evening when it starts to get chilly
This little flowery patch is right outside our apartment and it looked so mundane when we moved here in November but it’s really sweet now.
The pattern only comes in one size and it’s very straightforward, no shaping and no set in sleeves. It works really nicely in very lightweight fabrics and I’ve had a couple of those in my time too.
I find the sleeve length pretty strange but I always push my sleeves up anyway so no biggee.

I made this up in about an hour and a half while listening to a podcast. Current favourite for sewing – Unexplained. I’m not really bothered by supernatural stuff in general but I think these are really well done and generally quite captivating.
Hey look, there’s something weird hanging from the tree
Instead of the neck binding I decided to do use bias binding because I didn’t think the fabric would be stretchy enough. The binding is left over from this make and the linen means it is really lightweight.
This is me showing you the bias tape, not my orrible nails

My overlocker is now covered in bits of pink fluff.

Two very important tests for new garments – number one: take out for a test drink

Number two: spin


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