A yawn is a silent shout

Here’s the thing about sewing. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes money.
Admittedly I am likely to try to get away with the minimum of all those three, but still.
Sometimes you just need clothes, you know? Yes, sometimes I want to sew something ridiculously difficult and time consuming using every gadget I own but sometimes I just need something.to.wear.

For me it’s both a hobby and a lifestyle. Yes, I do it because I enjoy it but I also do it because I made a pact with myself (about 18 months ago I think) not to buy any new clothes. Therefore when I do need a plain white top (and I realise the word ‘need’ is subjective here) I can’t just spend ten minutes on ASOS on my lunchbreak and carry on with my life. It takes time – to find a pattern, to trace/cut/print and cut it, to make adjustments, to actually sew the sodding thing. It takes effort to, you know, learn how to do all that in the first place and it takes money to buy the fabric, the pattern, the sewing machine, the needles, the thread and the fancy bias binding maker that actually takes longer than not using one but makes you feel ‘proper’.
So here’s a plain white top, because I needed one.

I already had the pattern traced (past me for the win!) and I had this remnant of cool crepe-like fabric that a stall holder at the market gave me because he thought I was flirting with him. I wasn’t, I promise. I just thought it was sweet that he praised my French skills – in English.

About twenty minutes into sewing it I was congratulating myself on coming across such a cool fabric with its subtle teardrop shape that is a useful solid colour but is interesting too.

About forty-five minutes into sewing it I realised the fabric reminded me of something.

About an hour into sewing it I realised what it reminded me of.

Now I like it even more.

Here’s to (very little) time, money and effort. And to making a top covered in covert poo emojis. I have rarely felt more of a millennial.

(Oh, it’s a Burda 105 1/2016. Size 38 graded to a 42 and with a little extra length because I think it looks cooler. Also without the little modesty panel bit because I’ve never been one to let Burda dictate my modesty.)


4 thoughts on “A yawn is a silent shout

  1. Elena says:

    Lol! My first thought was a chocolate kiss, but I like where you went with it too! I’m liking your top, too, I think the extra length works well.


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