Vintage by kilo haul

I’ve just come back from a ‘vintage by kilo’ event. Basically you fill up a bag with whatever you want and then pay by weight at the till. I know I’ve said before that the word ‘vintage’ puts me off but it’s more the styling that I have issue with. The principle is right on with me – old clothes being given a new lease of life.
Here’s my haul!

Skirt no. 1.

My Gran used to wear skirts like this. She would have wanted me to wear it with a matching cardi. I won’t! I intend to cut it apart and make a nice woven tee shirt that’ll be easy to throw on for work.

Skirt no. 2.

Its another Gran skirt!
These pleats might take a bit of steaming out but I’m up for the challenge. I fancy making this into some shorts.

The colours are really vivid.

Dress no. 1.
Hey it’s like a deck chair on my body!

I know they’re kind of weird but I really like this colour combination. This dress is clearly handmade and the seam allowance is more than 1 inch wide!

Imagine how long it would have taken to finish those seam allowances by hand? Crazy.
I don’t really have a plan for this one, maybe a breezy summery top.

Dress no. 2.

This one is handmade as well. The fabric is really slippery and really fun.

I can see this as a really useful camisole but there should be plenty left over so I’ll have to think of something else as well!

Shirt no. 1.

Come on, is this not hilarious?!

There’s almost enough fabric in that sleeve for a skirt as it is!

Shirts no 2. and 3.
These are fairly standard men’s shirts. I’ll just adjust them to fit me.

And last but not least, a final dress!
Probably the most flattering thing I’ve bought.

I have very little use for a full length taffeta evening dress though so I’ll just be using the bottom section for something new! Once I’ve finished playing with it.

The bottom fabric is really interesting

So I reckon I’ve done pretty well! This whole lot cost me about 30 euros which I’m really pleased with, especially when you factor in all the linings, zips and buttons that are salvageable as well.
I’m now going to settle in for an evening with my seam ripper!


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