A very necessary card wallet 

My wallet was stolen on Monday. Argh. Really annoying and inconvenient. I feel pretty stupid since I was even semi aware that it was happening at the time. Folks, keep your bag closed and your wallet shoved right to the bottom. Mine was clearly much too accessible. *sigh*

So I really needed something to tide me over until I have a chance to find a proper new wallet. I have to carry around my ID (which thankfully was not in the wallet that was nicked!) and I tend to also have my travel card with me too. Clearly I have fewer bank cards than I did a few days ago but I do have the temporary one the bank issued me!

So, long story short this is a shout out to this post which helped me out in my hour of need.

The pattern is for a rounded zipper wallet with a card slots and the feature that ‘sold’ it to me (it was free) was the gusset bit in the middle. It seemed more involved and interesting than some other options I was scrolling through.

This is more quilting cotton from America and lined with yet more quilting cotton from America and an orange zip from the drawer of salvaged zips that’s bursting with of all sorts of stuff. If I had one of those cool Pinterest-y type sewing rooms I would have them all arranged by colour, material and size. But nah, where’s the fun in that? I prefer to just stick my hand in there and pull out whatever I can from its depths. 

The tutorial is pretty good. I like that there are actual pattern pieces rather than just measurements. Having said that I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not used to sewing zips. It’s a bit fiddly to get it around that curve neatly.

The quilting cotton is supposed to be interfaced with iron on interfacing but I only had the lightweight stuff  so instead I just spray basted on some decent weight scraps. I love that use of using up rubbish fabric. I once bought a curtain in a charity shop for 50p that was incredibly ugly but I used it as sew in interfacing (or spray basted) for years and I think I might still have more lurking somewhere. Think outside the sewing box!

*side note* I found myself very grateful to have the necessary materials and knowledge to make myself a wallet when I needed one. If, for instance, I’d have stuck with the piano instead of spending my spare time at the sewing machine then I would have had to give up hours of free time to get to a shopping district, go from place to place and eventually spend too much money on something to do the job. Even if I liked it I would have had the ethical dilemma of wondering who made it and how they were treated (yes, don’t ever go shopping with me!) Or I could have bought it online but waited it for it to arrive only to find out that it’s not the right size or poor quality. Instead I found a tutorial, downloaded the pattern and made this while the bath was running. I do get that it’s all about your priorities and clearly some people would love the opportunity to go shopping but this is just me, being grateful that ‘past me’ gave up on the piano at age 17.

Anyway, the moral of the story here is that if you’re in a bar in the Place de la Monnaie area and see a young ish woman with long dark hair lurking around your table in a strange way, grab your wallet. Or let her have it and make yourself a new one. 

**update** I now have found myself a ‘proper’ wallet for actual money and stuff. Really pleased with it so wanted to shout out to the company where I got it – they’re called Paguro upcycle (not affiliate link) and I got a belt made from inner tube as well as my wallet made from recycled tyre and pet food packaging! I’m keeping my handmade wallet for my travelcard and ID though. I’ve learnt that it’s sensible not to keep all your eggs in one basket!


2 thoughts on “A very necessary card wallet 

  1. Lodi says:

    What a NIGHTMARE! So so sorry. But I love the wallet. I’ll be interested to know if it suffices. (I’m zipping my bag as we “speak”!)


    • zaksroom says:

      Learn from my mistakes, seriously! This one will certainly do for now and I’ve been researching some ‘proper’ wallets as well. This will always be useful though! Thanks for your sympathy! 🙂


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