Sad shirt to happy shirt

The good thing about people knowing that you sew is that you sometimes get free stuff.

This shirt was one of them. My mother in law left it behind after a visit as it had ended its useful life with her and she thought I might make use of it. Obviously she was right.

Admittedly it is looking a little sad. It had various discolourations and the embroidery was coming apart in several places. Given that she’s a woman after my own heart, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she had it second hand herself. Anyway, even in its tired form I was determined to make use of it.
Step one – dye the heck out of it.

I stuck it in a machine wash with some other bits and pieces and some Dylon. Never underestimate the power of fabric dye. It extends the life, changes the look and covers up the stains in your clothes. Yes, those are socks there as well. I don’t know, I just felt like throwing them in with the rest of the batch.

Step two – research the brand “Pinstripe” and then give up because it’s pretty much ungoogleable. Any ideas?

Step three – cut off stray embroidery threads

Step four – cut off the sleeves and use the excess fabric to make bias binding for the armholes

Step five – go for a glass of wine outside a bar from 1587 and try to look normal for photos

Step six – fail and go elsewhere instead

If I was brave, and ever found myself at the beach, I would wear this over a bikini or swimming costume. This’ll do for now though.

Call it upcycling, call it refashioning, call it make do and mend. Whatever it was, it was satisfying, quick and cheap.

Thanks MiL! You can come again


3 thoughts on “Sad shirt to happy shirt

  1. Lodi says:

    Very cute remake! Hmmm unused clothes in closet. Does the dye muck up the washing machine or wear off on your skin? (I’m thinking of the old Rit dye, I’m not familiar with Dylon.)


    • zaksroom says:

      thanks! Seriously give it a go. I was so nervous that I would ruin my washing machine the first time I tried it but it works a treat. I’ve never had any rub-off or anything else. The only factor to bear in mind is the fact that the dye won’t always act in a predictable way. For instance, some colours or materials might not react at all and some might go in a different direction than what you were expecting! For me that’s part of the fun but also why I wouldn’t do it with anything I was still in love with, if you know what I mean. Try it and see!


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