Tea towel chic

Do you ever get that thing where you know a fabric is kind of silly but you buy it anyway? Of course you do. I bought this fabric – in the form of a second hand scarf – that looks exactly like a tea towel I own. However I could kind of see it working and the scarf was only 80 cents so.. obviously I bought it.
Right from the beginning I knew I wanted to make another Casa Crafty cine tank.
As I was cutting it out I realised that the top is fairly close fitting (on me at least) and this fabric doesn’t have a massive amount of stretch anyway so I decided to do a bit of hacking.
You know when you have a vision? I had a vision of a very floaty top being caught in the wind and worn with denim cut offs and accessorised with tan sandals and a Greek island…
My sunny balcony will do in the mean time

Real life moment – washing hanging out to dry! That’s the European Parliament behind me. Happy 60th birthday, EU!
So anyway, to give the floaty effect I had been thinking of, I cut two panels about 20cm wide and sewed them between the front and back panels. I then made an inverted pleat in the top – under the arm – so it didn’t gape.

I also levelled off the bottom as in my previous Cine I wasn’t too keen on the low front

The whole thing (once cut out) took 57 minutes, even with ad lib-ing the side panels. That’s the kind of fast fashion I can get on board with. Yeah I mean it’s not my most beautiful sewing job ever but I wasn’t going to waste time inside on a gorgeous day like today.

I love racer backs. That white bit at the top is my underwear. Soz.
This photo shows that the top does kind of catch the wind like I wanted it to:

I love having a balcony, it’s such a sun trap and I can’t wait for it to warm up even more so I can fall asleep in the sunshine out here.
Happy Spring! Go forth and spend 57 minutes on fulfilling a vision of yours.

** in the wild** 

Took the top for a spin to Perranporth, Cornwall in glorious heat and with my Dad smashing it in his shades. That carrier bag is holding a charity shop purchase, natch. 

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