Bad boys and khaki

I had this amazing khaki green fabric from Minerva crafts and planned to make a pair of culottes. However they went disastrously wrong and I was very, very grumpy for about half an hour thinking that I had wasted some perfectly good fabric. I’m blaming Burda but I can’t quite face going back to the pattern yet to see if it really was their fault or mine. I’ll work up the courage sooner or later. Anyway, once I had stewed for a bit I decided to use the remaining fabric on a well used pattern of mine – Simplicity 1782.

I’ve made this three or four times but only the short version and never quite as instructed! The skirt is patterned for a lapped zip but I don’t really like them so have always obnoxiously gone my own way. This time I ignored the zip entirely as the fabric has a decent amount of stretch. It’s such a good fabric – enough stretch to be comfortable and friendly while being stable enough to use as a woven. There are loads more colours here and I can’t help thinking that the blue and black would be incredibly useful.
You know when you’re so proud of your neat topstitching but then you realise that the thread colour match is so good that you can barely see it? Yeah.

One day I will go to the pattern and adjust it to take the gathers at the front and back. They’re fine but I’d like to see what it looks like in a more pared back style.

Just seen there are my trusty Seamwork Manila leggings. I still only have one pair because it’s so blinking hard to find plain black jersey with four way stretch. I’m sure it exists but when you look online, it isn’t always stated. One day I’ll find my plain black jersey unicorn.

By the way, don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t get decent clothes in second hand shops. I got this brand new Bershka t-shirt and Moncler jacket in Le Petit Rien for less than €20 – the Moncler jacket alone would normally retail for €350!!!!

Anyway, back to the skirt. I really like khaki – I think it’s a colour that goes with loads of things: cream, white, Breton stripe, black…

It’s handy to have a little help to tell the front from the back:

So I still do want the culottes I was originally planning and I’ve got some more sewing time today. Let’s see if I have let given myself enough of a chance to heal…

2 thoughts on “Bad boys and khaki

    • zaksroom says:

      yes! – an edge stitching (or stitch in the ditch) foot. You know the one that has a sort of blade to guide the needle. I use that foot and then move the needle position over a couple of places. Go a bit slower and also raise the stitch length to around a 3.0. Job done! (thanks!!)


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