daytime pyjamas

I really can’t decide whether baggy trousers or skinny trousers are better for my figure. Maybe I ought to accept that trousers in general aren’t particularly flattering and just be ok with it.
In any case I wanted some baggy trousers for work and with the power of sewing, now I have.

The pattern is the now OOP Simplicity 7229 and which, it seems, I once paid the princely sum of 99p for. I’ve previously successfully made these up twice as shorts, one for swimming and one for general sunshine.

I knew the fit on the hips was pretty much ok so I dived straight in with this slightly odd fabric I’ve had lying around for ages. It’s a remnant but a fairly big one. Sadly over the course of the project I started to think of it as tragically suicidal because it was fraying so much. I’ve overlocked all the seam allowances but I’ll still have to treat it very carefully.

I wish I’d thought about the extra bulk that the drawstring creates around my middle (or sucked in for this photo)

In the dim light of my sewing room at 9.45pm, I managed to convince myself that there was no right and wrong side to the fabric. In the clear light of day the waistband proves this is untrue:

The drawstring is made from an old shoelace! Proud to be thrifty.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get plenty of wear out of these before they finally give up on life because they sure are more comfortable than my skinny jeans and living 24 hours in pyjamas sounds pretty good to me

Happy Spring, now that the sun is finally out and gets in your eyes for photos

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