Sewing 101

These little pouches are so flipping fun and easy. I’ve been making them for years and they’re certainly not in any way revolutionary but I’m sticking this one up because I like it, I use it every day and it makes me happy.
Basically I wanted something to keep all my work related bits and pieces together in my handbag –
work phone, key card, charger, keys etc.
I brought this quilting cotton home from the US with some other bits that co-ordinate. I normally don’t go for quilting cotton but these black, white and gold prints really appealed to me.
I lined it with the left overs from this dress which surprisingly works quite well with the pink zip
I also added another layer in between – fleece left over from this jumper and then quilted them together with some random parallel lines. I had originally planned to do diagonal lines as evidenced from the purple air erasable mark here…
Thankfully this has now disappeared.
Anyway, I use this every day and even found that I can beep myself into my office building without even getting the card out of the pouch itself which makes it MUCH less likely that I’ll lose it one day. It’s the little things. img_8248

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