Bright White Stripe

Seamwork magazine, in its infinite wisdom, brought out the Ariane pattern just when I’ve been delving into the world of bodysuits. Those girls have their collective finger on the pulse.
I downloaded it straight away and ignored the other pattern from this month’s edition. (Eliza – A half slip which I know I would never ever wear)
I had this fun white striped jersey from Minerva Crafts and thought it would be fun (and useful) as a bodysuit. I wasn’t sure that there was going to be enough lengthwise stretch but as is so often the case with my sewing, I just hoped for the best.
Shout out to Minerva here for their incredibly reasonable postage costs to mainland Europe. And by reasonable I mean that I’ve encountered UK to UK postage which is more expensive.

Here’s my hand inside so you can see that it’s a little bit sheer in those stripes
The pattern is really very good, I must say. It has a surprising amount of pattern pieces for such a basic garment but I think that’s what will make sure this stands the test of time. The bust alone has five different pieces – two lining and three outer.
And the crotch part has separate lining pieces and a snap placket for strength
Apologies for the sloppy sewing there but we all know where this is going to end up and frankly no one is going to be looking closely.
The snaps themselves (or poppers as I’ve always called them) are incredibly old. Check out the packaging –
Rust free guarantee indeed! I’m assuming these were my grandmother’s but I don’t know for sure. I sewed them on using my sewing machine. It’s sooooo much quicker than doing it by hand. You just need to lower the feed dogs and set the machine to a wide enough zig zag stitch that will hit both the holes. Each popper then takes a matter of seconds. If you decide to do this, however, factor in the four seconds of frustration you will have when you next sew something and realise you never put the feed dogs up again.

Apologies for the lack of pictures on me – I can’t think of way to take them without being mortified and to ensure employers of the future don’t find them via a quick Google search….
Suffice to say that the fit is good. I made a size small at the top and graded to a large at the hip (pear shapes of the world unite!)
Because the garment is so close fitting, it was strange to see the finished thing because I am very aware that it is pretty much exactly the shape and size of my body!
I can’t quite decide whether I’ll be brave enough to wear this is outer wear, with a cardigan over the top or something. There’s something about the seaming on the cups that makes it seem very underwear-y. Either way it will be very useful.
Now excuse me while I work out the quickest way to go to the toilet in this thing.

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