Wash hands thoroughly after crafting

Welcome to my new t-shirt, the free Cine Tank by Casa Crafty
It only comes in one size but luckily that’s more or less my size. Average Jane for the win.
The pattern is for a racer back t shirt with a sort of backwards high/low hem – meaning that the front is slightly longer than the back. I made it up exactly as drafted but to be honest, the backwards high/low feels weird to me. I feel like it looks a bit like I hemmed it unevenly. I’ll make it straight next time.
It’s not as obvious when it’s on as when it’s hung up
As usual these days I took a chunk out of the centre back. (A chunk being the official name in Zaks Room for about 3.5cm)
The fun part about this top is that I made it up in a very dull brown jersey before deciding to spice it up. Basically I just had fun with a bottle of spray bleach. I wasn’t sure how well it would work since I’ve not actually done this before and the stuff I had wasn’t 100% bleach so I just decided to wing it. I hung it out on the balcony and spritzed all over it for a few minutes then left it out to dry. When I came back to it, it had taken on this funky redish pink colour. After that I chucked it in the washing machine – mainly to get rid of the horrid smell. Done and dusted.
There’s that backwards high/low hem. Doesn’t it just look like I was being sloppy when I was making it and paying more attention to House M.D. on Netflix? Well, having said that…..
I’m looking forward to wearing it in the summer with denim shorts and a (yet to be made) moto jacket. In the meantime I’ll just continue to wear it with black jeans and my ridiculously huge but joyously comfortable grey cardi.
And odd socks apparently:

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