To infinity scarf and beyond

Back in the UK I used to bag up all my fabric scraps and put them in the fabric recycling bank. I’ve yet to find anything similar here in Brussels. I have scraps mounting up because I cannot bear to throw fabric away. I do make a fair bit of underwear which certainly helps but strangely enough I didn’t fancy fleecy knickers..  So here’s I made an infinity scarf from scraps left over from this sweater 
I cut rectangles of 20cm x 50cm and joined them together (look at me, I’m on the path to being a quilter!)
I don’t know what it is about my brain but I really couldn’t work out how to complete the loop and then turn it right side out. I’m calling it geometry and leaving it at that. This youtube tutorial put me on the right course and made me feel very stupid for not being able to work it out:

I quite like the the colours together. Navy, black and dark brown are probably very moody colours but they will go very well with a lot of my clothes. Also now I can finally wash the one scarf that I’ve owned for two years. Eeeeesh
By the way, if you like taking photos and messing around with filters, the Prisma app will be your new best friend. Look how I got rid of the dark circles under my eyes in a funky way!
Cheers for now, I’m off to enjoy my last day of unemployment by taking myself and my new scarf out for a coffee.


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