A return to the 1990’s

Ahh the 1990’s. It was all about Ross and Rachel, Princess Diana and New Labour. It was bright. It was edgy.
The coolest thing to wear were tear away jogging bottomsimg_8142
and computers looked like this
As a child of the 90’s (just) I remember these days fondly.
Which is why I forked out a massive 99p at my local Oxfam for this bad boy of a pattern img_8141
Toby, being a sweatshirt short of a Brussels Winter, asked me to find or make one for him and I was more than happy to oblige. Now, I don’t remember 1990’s fashion as being particularly oversized in style so I was quite surprised when the first try on yielded this delight…fullsizerender
Not quite the look I was going for. This is a size Medium. Now I wish I’d made the XXL just for a laugh.
I lopped off about 3cm straight away and then sewed with a 2cm seam allowance which brought it down to less hilarious proportions
Here is CJ the cat giving her appraisal.
CJ and her brother Leo are named after two characters from one of the 1990’s greatest creations. I’ll give you a clue:
Soooo back to sewing.
The instructions for the sweater have you stitch up the sleeve and then insert it in the round into the armscye. That seemed very strange to me as surely one of the best things about raglan sleeves is that they’re inserted in the flat. You get one giant cape like structure that then gets tamed in all the way along the sleeves and sides until it looks like a sweater. So that’s what I did.
The neckline is finished with a facing where I failed to get a nice sharp V with the topstitching.
The fabric is a fairly run of the mill green fleece that’s nothing to write home about but is very soft and warm. It was £5.50 a metre at what used to be my local fabric shop in the UK. If you’re ever in the area, look for The Fent Shop in Skipton, North Yorkshire. There’s a huge amount of upholstery fabric but also quite a bit of dressmaking fabric at reasonable prices. Don’t tell me if you do go though, cos I’ll be jealous.
Here’s to the 1990’s. Things can only get better…