Under (cabin) Pressure

In a recent charity shop dig I found a length of black fleece fabric that looked like it needed a home. I was hoping that there would be enough for a sweatshirt for my husband but when I got home I discovered that it was actually a square and not all that big. The reason for that became clear on closer inspection:
It’s one of those blankets that sit in shrink wrap on your airline seat along with a tube of toothpaste and a sleep mask. I’m not sure that you’re supposed to take them away. Ah well, someone did and now it’s found its way to me.
It actually works out well as I needed something warm and cosy to wear for work that’s not my ratty hoodie.
Enter See & Sew B6233. Look, it’s warm and cosy and it’s not a hoodie!
This was another pattern from my USA haul. I did work while I was over there too. Sort of.
There are no side seams but the back pieces come around to the front to meet the v shaped panel. I had started making this a while ago but got cross when it became evident I’d picked a fabric with too little stretch so I gave up on it.
This time I was more careful. The fleece blanket has plenty of stretch and I matched it with a €2/metre thick jersey from a local market with a really interesting raised grid texture. (The fabric, not the market!)
The colours in these pictures are all over the place so you’ll just have to believe that the fleece is black and the jersey is navy blue.

Sadly, I had an incident during the construction. My overlocker caught the sleeve and, well, it was touch and go there for a while.
I’ve patched it but it’s not ideal.
I cut a size M all over and the fit is fine. It’s big enough to be cosy but not so big that it looks slobby – I hope.
The ridge down the middle of the front here is the centre back seam showing through!

I think I do need to start making a narrow shoulder adjustment every time but I’m an eternal optimist. I always think *this* pattern will be the one that fits perfectly without adjustment.


This is because my photographer/husband told me I wasn’t smiling:img_7334

I’ve got some fabric left over. I might be able to get a Colette Mabel skirt out of the squared fabric if I’m lucky but if not, I’ll do an infinity scarf since I’ve wanted one for a while. I’m starting work this week and I’ve no idea how much time I will have to sew but I’ll be doing what I can. Those longed for perfect black trousers, white shirt and biker jacket aren’t going to sew themselves.

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