Burda Bershka Bodysuit

Even though I don’t buy any new clothes anymore, the residual part of my subconscious that’s trained to be drawn to big SALE signs at this time of year still controls my feet. I couldn’t help but but wander into my local Bershka for a mooch around. There’s some pretty cool stuff in there and I was interested in this top/bodysuit:


I had to investigate. The bottoms are actually some kind of neoprene and the edges are unfinished. The top is gathered into them without (I think) elastic.

I thought the concept was interesting so went home to do some experimenting. The top part is an altered Burda 105 from the January 2016 magazine. Incidentally this is a corker of an issue – evidenced by the turned down corner which indicates I liked this page. I have also traced the skirt. img_8025
(If I was cold enough to wear arm warmers and be nursing a hot beverage, I would at least want something with sleeves but whatever)
The top has a layered effect but I ignored it. I used my favourite underwear pattern as a starter for the bottoms – link here
It looks a bit odd because the bottom fabric is inside out. I thought it there was a chance that the pattern would show through clothes.

It’s really comfortable and I like how it stays where you want it to by virtue of three little snaps.
Apologies for the weird pictures. Clearly trying to be Brussels’ Next Top Model.
I’ve no idea where the fabric for the top part came from but I really like it. You can’t really tell in these pictures but it’s ever so slightly sheer with flocked stripes. The bias binding I used for the edges isn’t great. It’s ready made stuff so is quite stiff. I’m hoping that it’ll loosen up in the wash.
I’d like to play around with the construction a bit more now that I’ve worked out how I want it. I’ve also got some remnants of neoprene kicking around so it’d be fun to use them more like the original.img_8096
But less pink. Obvs.