Marketing victims anonymous

I have fallen victim to marketing.
I have never bought any of the patterns from Sew Over It before now. None of the patterns have particularly appealed to me. Too vintage or too girly or too already-covered-by-the-many-other-patterns-I-own. But then the Capsule Wardrobe collection was released and Lisa had me at European city breaks. I watched the vlog about it and was drawn in by the idea of wandering around the cities of Europe in modern and comfortable clothes. Then I looked at the pdf and the front cover is a photo of Lisa drinking a coffee from the coolest glass ever. True story – I saved a plastic pudding glass recently because it was a slightly similar shape to Lisa’s glass. Seriously.
So after falling hook, line and sinker for the pattern collection I thought I’d better go for it. I scored a 1m-ish remnant of navy cotton twill at a charity shop a week ago and new it’d work for the Erin skirt. I preferred the short version anyway so the amount of fabric I had was perfect.
I’m really not used to wearing anything that sits on the true waist so this feels a bit odd to me. I’m not sure whether it’s a very flattering shape either. It feels a bit “look how big my bum is”. Maybe it wouldn’t if I didn’t wear a top tucked in but then all the buttons are hidden. Hmm, this may take some experimenting with.
I was also worried about the pockets sticking out and accentuating my hips. They stick out on the original version but look ok on Lisa’s supermodel figure. I think it’s pulling a bit here across my hips too. I made the size 10 waist which is perfect and graded to a 12 hip but perhaps should have gone to a 14. fullsizerender-4
On the plus side, I do love making button bands. Something about the precise pressings and top stitching is very satisfying. I promise the hem is straight in real life.
The fact that the official name for this pdf is My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break makes me think that one day there might be a My Capsule Wardrobe: Running to Carrefour Before Closing Time or My Capsule Wardrobe: Week in Provence . I will continue to hope.
All in all it was fun to make but I don’t know how much wear I’ll get out of it. I feel like the shape is so far away from my normal style that I’ll never reach for it. I hope I’m wrong but only time will tell. Perhaps I need to book that city break to Berlin to find out…