A stripey experiment

I came across Vogue 7115 in a job lot of sewing patterns that I got in a charity shop a while ago. I didn’t take too much notice of it until I was sorting through my various boxes the other day and realised that it wasn’t just the fairly boring dress but also contained a pattern for a jersey top that was hiding underneath. The dress was already cut to a size 10 – and a vintage Vogue size 10 at that – so I discarded it and made a note that the pattern was just for the top. As I was putting it back in the box I decided to just crack on. I was intrigued and I had some time and some fabric.
Deciding to experiment I dug out some black and white striped jersey and got stuck in. The top is actually patterned for a zip at the centre back but I didn’t see a lot of point in that so ignored it. What I did find very strange though was the entirely cut on sleeve. It feels a bit like cheating when you only really have two seams to sew together. Look, it’s practically already made!img_7582
The high neck is interesting too. I like it in principle, when it looks like this –
but it frequently turns under itself like this – img_7811
which bugs me a lot more than is reasonable.
All in all I think there’s a reason that sleeves aren’t generally cut on to the bodice. It really doesn’t feel like it sits all that well on the body. However, the cool thing about making it in a stripe is the chevron effect on the arm:
Clearly I didn’t bother trying to match the stripe at the side seams. I rarely do because I don’t think it makes all that much difference to the world.
I’ll still wear this top and it will be fine for work but it’s just not my favourite. fullsizerender-2
Still, experimenting is fun.