The shiniest fabric in the world

Get your sunglasses out, this fabric packs a punch. This is mostly a post about making and less about wearing so sorry for lack of pictures.
It’s that old chestnut, Butterick 5466 but sewn up in something quite… interesting. b5466
Reasons I shouldn’t have bought or used this fabric:
1. It’s upholstery fabric
2. It’s so thick that it is practically bulletproof
3. The silver melts off when it is touched by an iron
4. It doesn’t respond to being folded
5. There is not even the tiniest hint of mechanical stretch in any direction

Reasons I did purchase and then use the fabric:
1. The whole remnant (1.5m) was £3
2. It’s shiny

I couldn’t resist and the woman in the shop was nice. Incidentally, it was bought from a shop in Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales which used to be an interior decor place and now is something else but they still sell the upholstery remnants (or fents as they are known in the North of England) for super cheap. I used to work in Grassington and frequented the shop often.

I really wanted this to work and basically wrestled the fabric into submission actually using the least amount of sewing I could. The darts were not easy. Just ask the broken needle. I used yet more of this Liberty for the waistband facing and even sewing through that as well as the darts was enough to keep breaking the thread. This was seriously a battle of wills. I think this stuff is as far away from being fabric as it is possible to go while still being sold as such. img_7518
Binding the edge of a facing is my new favourite finish. It’s surprisingly quick (if you already have the bias tape on hand) and it is durable and professional looking.
This overlocked hem was the best I could do, there was no way the fabric would have let me fold it twice. img_7519
I think all the breakages and cursing was worth it. The skirt is definitely fun and it was perfect for Christmas Day. Although having said that, I changed out of it in the middle of the day to go for a run and then never put it on again so I suppose I only wore it for about four hours all told. It’s telling that I didn’t wear it for long enough to take a picture of me wearing it… I have to be careful to not let it look like the skirt is wearing me rather than the other way around. It does practically stand up on its own. I also can’t see when I’d wear it until next Christmas… Still, I wore it to church on Christmas morning and got some compliments. Although it has to be said that I was rather upstaged by my grandfather’s Christmas lights that were draped around his wheelchair.
That’s the last thing that was left to record from 2016 and I’ve spent a chunk of today encircled by some beautiful cotton lawn – basically the polar opposite of this fabric – so hopefully that will be my first finished make of the new year. Have a good 2017 everyone.