A shirt, a tablecloth and a merry Christmas

What do you do when Christmas rolls around and you want to give a gift to your significant other but you’ve just moved your life savings from GBP to Euros during the worst exchange rate for a generation? You go to the second hand shop and buy a tablecloth and you dig out Burda B5725 and whip up a shirt. That’s what.
I’ve had this pattern kicking around for a while but neither the time nor the inclination to really get stuck into shirt making. But it appealed to me because of the not-really-a-button-band at the front and the model’s wicked cool boots, socks and jeans combo on view C. He’s rocking it and definitely beats his twin brother in the very odd sandals. 7525-front-envelope_2
The aforementioned tablecloth is actually chambray I believe which was lovely to work with except that it didn’t respond well to buttonholes. The threads kept disappearing into the fabric or not stitching at all. I had to go over them a couple of times. They were interfaced but I might have done better to sew in some cotton scraps to give it something even more substantial to latch on to.
The other thing with the fabric is that it also doesn’t photograph all that well. img_7524
I cut the size 46 because there wasn’t a size called ‘tall and skinny’ and that seemed to be about right. Turns out, it is! It could be a couple of cm longer but we won’t quibble about that.
The tablecloth was pretty big but not quite big enough for all the pieces so I had to piece the back together with a French seam.
Let’s just pretend that it’s intentional ok?
The buttons were from the Great Button Box which has been passed down and added to by at least three generations of ladies in my family. I tried to sort through it just before Christmas and nearly lost the will to live. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of buttons in there. But there’s six less now because they’re adorning this Burda shirt!

I quite enjoyed all the fiddly bits of making this because I had various podcasts to listen to but I have to say that the instructions for the cuffs didn’t make a lick of sense to me. I fussed with it and bodged it until it looked plausible. I reckon I got away with it. img_7526
The rolled hem worked nicely with this fabric and it meant that I used three different machine feet for this make which makes me happy. img_7348
Finishing touch, a nearly neat little triangle at the top of the pleat. Very pleasing.
I’d definitely make this again but it really does require a lot of time and patience, especially as I’m still new to shirt making. The pattern is nice though and seems fairly true to size. If you can make sense of the cuff too then you’re onto a winner.
Toby wore it with pride all Christmas day and is being very gracious about the fact that he now has yet another blue shirt in his wardrobe even though he told me that he already had too many. Well you get what you’re given. That’s the spirit of Christmas, right?