Yo yo yo it’s a Papercut YoYo

Bonjour! Here is my foray into full on indie pattern sewing with a Papercut Yo Yo.
I fell for their beautiful packaging, free shipping and interesting designs. These aren’t your average McCalls churn outs or yet another 50’s tea dress.
I fancied making a winter version of the Yo Yo (although it was Autumn when I started it) so made it from very comfortable navy corduroy with a slight bit of stretch. The facing is made from the scraps of the same fabric that I made my Dad’s tie out of here . Sorry I didn’t take photos but you know what a facing looks like.

Here is the exact moment that I realised I forgot to take off my slipper socks before taking the photos and then deciding I don’t care.

I made the size M graded out to a L. I actually could take it in slightly all over but I’m hoping to lose a bit of weight so I might wait and see how that goes and take it in properly then. I should be able to just take it in at the side seams without too much messing around

**update** after taking this for a test drive out to dinner I’ve decided that it’s definitely too big all over. Which would put me in a size S on the top and grading out to a M at the hip. This suggest to me that the pattern runs a bit big.

My one concern is styling. Looking at the pictures I’m wondering whether it looks a bit CBBC or pre school teacher. Which is fine for a look and props to you if you are a pre school teacher. But I’m not. I’m trying to think of ways to edge it up a bit. Perhaps the stripey t shirt doesn’t help. It’s a Plantain by the way, naturally.
I don’t actually play the guitar by the way. It’s my husband’s and I can never be bothered to move it.

This picture has crazy lighting but it shows the cool negative triangle shape at the bottom of the zip. I think that detail really makes this design.
You probably can’t tell from these pictures but I sewed down the pleats on the skirt about half way. It’s a massive pet hate of mine when pleats come out of their fold and with this weight of fabric that’s bound to happen.

Trying to pat down crazy hair.
I really enjoyed using the Papercut pattern by the way. The instructions were clear without being basic and the patterns are printed on proper sturdy paper rather than tissue. I have the SJ top from Papercut that I received as part of a pattern swap so I’ll give that a go at some point.
I will wear this out a few different ways and see how I feel about the styling. Otherwise I might just have to train as a pre school teacher.
If you’re celebrating Christmas, have a good one. I fully intend to.