Christmas coziness McCalls M7296

Call it a onesie or call it a jumpsuit – I call it lazy pyjamas.
This bad boy is McCalls M7296 and it caught my eye because of the various options. I thought it could work for both lounge type wear and out in the real world in different fabrics. I also bought into the happy smiley lady on the envelope. (Unlike me in this pic) fullsizerender-7
So here’s the thing… I love it but it’s a bit big. I think unfortunately I need to go down two sizes but that size isn’t included in this envelope because I bought the larger size range. I can go down one size in this envelope and see how I go. Here’s me trying to show that my waist starts a few inches below the surface fullsizerender-16-42-14
Anyway I quite enjoyed the construction although it got a bit unwieldy when it came to sewing the elastic in once the bottoms and top were attached together. With all those sleeves and trouser legs it was like wrestling an octopus onto a sewing machine.
The fabric, by the way, is a huge remnant of jersey that’s been sitting around for a while. I had so much of it that I didn’t want to just make a t shirt and have loads left over for another year so I was holding out for something, well something just like this! It’s obviously a kind of leopard print but to me it looks like lava. Or an angry rash. I like it anyway and it’s very comfortable to wear. It did curl up at the edges quite a bit while I was sewing it but I’ve forgiven it for that now.
I only did three buttonholes because I could only find three of these matching buttons in my stash. Also because by that point I was getting hungry and I just. wanted. to. finish. fullsizerender-8
So besides the size issues, I’m looking forward to packing this with me to go home for Christmas next week. I can picture myself hanging out by the aga with a cat or two and trying to persuade myself that one more mince pie wouldn’t be the worst thing.