An angelic Akita

I’ve made a mostly seasonally inappropriate Seamwork Akita with a pretty darn cool remnant from my stash. I bought it from Miss Matatabi AGES ago and now it has fulfilled its destiny. img_7305
The Akita is a woven t shirt pattern but interesting in that there is only one pattern piece. I made it a while ago but I will usually go for the Sewaholic Belcarra if I’m after a woven t shirt as I find the fit is much better for me. For this one though, I just felt like a change and I remembered that the peeps over at Seamwork/Colette put out a note saying that they’d changed the construction on the Akita blouse. I redownloaded it with the new construction and it was definitely very different and not something I’ve done before. Basically, the pattern new requires you to bind all the raw edges before sewing the side seams. The result is quite a robust finish.img_7274
– all the raw edges are enclosed with binding
– bar tacks for strength
I have had a subscription to Seamwork for a while now and always look forward to it coming out. I must admit that I have it mainly for the patterns themselves as they are usually quite interesting and much more modern than Colette which I find too vintage inspired for my personal style. Having said that though, in these pictures I’m wearing the Akita with the Mabel skirt by Colette. Also my Seamwork Manila leggings which are on constant rotation between my wardrobe, the washing machine and the bathroom floor.
I do also appreciate that Seamwork (don’t know about Colette) have now incorporated a ‘layers’ option so that you can only print the size or sizes that you need. Still waaaaaay too many pages though. I find that I sometimes avoid downloading some of the patterns that I like, simply because there are too many pages to print. My limit is about 25. After that I get grumpy.
The angel is part of an art installation in Brussels called Angels of Freedom. Here we go: “Overwhelmed by our hectic lives, we often take people around us for granted and we forget to show our love towards others. These pair of wings are here to remind us that we are all angels willing to care for someone as well as to be cherished” I’m sure the designer also predicted that they’d also be great place to take blog photos…
Side note: I’ve recently been offered a job (thank goodness) but it doesn’t start until the end of January so to make the most of my temporary unemployment I’m going to be making a work wardrobe over the next six weeks or so. I wouldn’t think twice about going to work at my previous job in a hoodie and jeans but that just isn’t going to cut the mustard at the new place so I’ve got to knuckle down and get into it.
Anyway, back to the Akita… I wore it out when we went to see the wedding dress exhibition at the Costume and Lace Museum. The dresses were obviously beautiful and everything but I mostly enjoyed trying on a hoop skirt. img_7320img_7321img_7322

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