Feeling a little bit raw – a sort of Schnittchen Kim top

I like the idea of raw edge but there’s something about leaving an edge unfinished that makes me feel… unfinished. It almost feels a little bit lazy about it as a seamstress. However, I came across this pattern on the Schnittchen blog and really liked the attitude of it, particularly the squared off neckline.
I had some scuba hanging around that I knew would work well for a pattern that didn’t have finished edges as hems create a heck of a lot of bulk in this fabric anyway. I got this from Fabworks online a while back and I really like how it looks like a fairly mundane floral from far away but up close it is very pixelated. Because I couldn’t deal with leaving it just raw, I stitched all the way around the neckline, sleeve and hem. img_7637
Sorry about the smudge on Doris’ cleavage there. Poor old girl. Also may re do the topstitching around the neckline. Thought I was happy with it until I put a massive blown up picture of it on my screen!

OK so, the pattern itself is for a very long top – or a very short dress I suppose. I didn’t think that I’d get much use out of it at that length so I whacked on an extra panel about 8 inches long on the bottom and topstitched that bad boy down.
I cut out a size 40 grading to a 44 but actually trimmed it back down to a straight size 40 after trying it on. Have officially lost 2cm around my hips in the last month. There’s no denying weight loss or gain when you constantly measure your own body parts!

Oh hey, just realising that I can use the camera app on my watch. Winner.

I also reduced the length of the sleeves by quite a lot. Nothing wrong with them in principal, I just felt like the shorter length was more flattering on me.
Just checking whether it’s coffee time yet..
Yes it is. Always.