Three unrelated recent sews

I’ve been on a mission to use up some odds and ends and also get some stuff out of my brain and into my wardrobe so here are three completely unrelated projects!

Number one:

A spotty vest –
Here in Brussels it is frequently below freezing so I need vests. I had a pattern (yet another free one!), I had a big t shirt that looked like it wanted to be upcycled and I had a free hour. Bam – a new vest. fullsizerender-3
Sorry about the hot pink sports bra. Was planning to do a bit of yoga later on… Didn’t.
I was able to use the original hem of the t shirt so it was quicker and makes it extra long and tuck-in-able
I also used up the last of my white fold over elastic with less than 1cm to spare. Result.
The pattern, by the way, is from the So Zo.. blog and you can find it here. After making it a few times I don’t do it exactly as Zoe’s tutorial but the pattern itself is bang on for me.

Number two unrelated item:
It’s another well used pattern from Zak’s Room and it’s one I actually paid real money for!
Probably a very dull skirt. But generally I find that the more boring a garment seems, the more use I’ll get out of it.
The fabric is actually upholstery fabric that I bought as an offcut for £2 and I’m pretty sure this is actually the reverse side. The zip was salvaged from some other item of clothing that’s long since left my memory. Check out the actual right side of the fabric. Kind of grey/silver. Quite nice but I prefer the dark grey with silver bits that I’ve got. fullsizerender-1
As you can see, the hem is simply overlocked and turned under once because I was trying to preserve as much length as possible. I keep meaning to alter the pattern because it currently hits at a bit of an awkward point on me but this is fine for now. Otherwise, this pattern is super duper easy and quick. Just a front, back, zip, some darts and a faced waistband

(photobombed by a guitar. New low?)

And finally, as a prize for getting to the bottom of the post, here’s unrelated item number three:
A new hot water bottle cover! Bit odd, I realise.
The thing is, my previous cover was verging on a crime against humanity. Covered in cat hair, coffee stains and bobbled all over. I didn’t really want it in the bed with me. So I salvaged some scraps left from a previous project and made a smart new one!
I just pulled apart the existing one and traced around it to make the new pattern pieces
(warned you it was gross)

So it’s simply the front, two backs and the kind of turtle necked bit.

Side note – while I was making this I had a flashback to being a very young child and watching a kids tv show which included a walking, talking green hot water bottle. Thankfully we have the internet now so by Googling 90’s kids tv show hot water bottle I found out that it was called Johnson and Friends and the hot water bottle was called Alfred. Here he is. Terrifying. alfred

ANYWAAAAAY…. I was able to salvage the inner foam bit that was beneath the layer of fleece because it was still just about ok and I also thought that it probably had some “caution hot liquid in near contact with skin” safety type reason for being there. For the back closure, it’s just an envelope like a cushion cover and overlocked because I sewed the velcro on wrong and didn’t have any more. Wouldn’t win any prizes but it does the job. img_7536

Now I’m ready for a cosy night in without endangering myself or others with gross hot water bottle minging-ness.

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