Two festive Plantains for getting my Christmas on

I always start lusting after anything sparkly at this time of year. I like to think that a slightly sparkly long sleeved t shirt is the acceptable face of the Christmas jumper.

This white t shirt was the festive Plantain of Christmas 2015. I was working with kids and attending millions of services, lunches, plays and celebrations and this was the perfect thing to throw on that had the perfect amount of festive cheer and professionalism. img_7464

Would’ve been nice to iron it wouldn’t it? Ah well, too late now.

I think the fabric was from the Textile Centre via eBay and while it has a beautiful weight, drape and silver sparkles – it hasn’t held up too well to all the washes and wears it has had.

Just to prove that it was worth the make, here’s a photo of it out in the wild. Only one of these drinks was mine…

So given that I have almost worn this to death, it was time for festive Plantain 2016. Enter this grey and gold reversible jersey bought from Jo-Ann when I was in the USA in the summer.
It has gold stripes on one side and gold spots on the other and I channelled my inner Boden by using the spot for the body and the stripes for the sleeves.

Look, even the sun came out to highlight the sparkle!

I think the white is actually more flattering on my skin tone but I’ll still wear the grey a lot I imagine.

I’ve made probably nearly twenty versions of this pattern, long sleeved, short sleeved, sleeveless hacks, turtle neck hacks, dress hacks.. you name it. One day I might show my collection. It’s a very traditional t shirt construction and it’s freeeee! I think everything I’ve posted so far has been from a free pattern. I do also spend money on patterns but I make the most of the freebies too – I’m a girl on a  budget.  Anyway, the Plantain is designed for a pear shape and while I am a very juicy pear, it’s the one and only pattern where I have to grade down at the hip, because their block is just a tad juicier than me. I’m not complaining – it makes  a nice change!

I’m now armed and ready for candlelight services, Christmas market shopping and festive drinks. Bring it on.

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