A mini post about a tie in what might be Liberty fabric

Until the wifi is up and running in our new apartment I am going to local establishments to drink coffee and use their internet. It could be worse. So in an effort to get more posts up here, I’m sharing a very small one while drinking a cappuccino trying to look cool on my laptop in public.
I made this tie as a Christmas present for my Dad. I was determined to use fabric from my stash and I felt like I could give this Liberty a go. I’m pretty sure it’s Liberty anyway. I bought it at a knocked down price from a guy who told me it was legit and the print is definitely one of theirs but you never know if it’s not from a proper place do you?

Anyway, although it’s floral I reckon it’s not over the top floral and my Dad is not adversed to a bit of sartorial daring anyway. We thought we were pretty much sorted for Christmas presents this year given that we can just bring home (to Cornwall, UK) truck loads of Belgian chocolates and beer but my Dad isn’t a beer drinker and eats chocolates so slowly that he’s probably still got half an Easter Egg wrapped up in the fridge. So I’m using my sewing super powers instead.
Doris trying it on

The pattern is another Craftsy one: Free Necktie by Sweet Shop Sewing

The construction was very straight forward. Predictably the most time consuming and fiddly bit was turning the whole thing right side out once it was sewn up. The thing that makes me think that this probably is actual Liberty fabric is how well it presses – which is what you need in a tie. The lining fabric is actually made up of scraps left over from a skirt I made for my Mum. So they can be matching but no one will know.


I couldn’t find any ribbon in my stash to use as.. you know that bit that goes on the back. A tie keeper? So I just used the self fabric. I’m convincing myself that it looks smarter anyway.


I’ll see if I can get him to pose in it once he starts wearing it and will update here if that happens..!
** update **
Here it is in all its glory. Tested and approved by an accountant.
So that’s it, one Christmas present done and dusted even while the Christmas tree is being erected in the Grand Place here in Brussels.

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